About Highway Of Heroes

When is a tree more than just a tree? The answer is when the tree is part of a memorial to honour Canada’s fallen heroes. We are planting 2 million trees for all Canadians that have served during times of conflict since Confederation and including the War of 1812. 117,000 of the most prominent trees will be planted along and near the stretch of the 401 known as the Highway of Heroes, one tree for every life lost while serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. This tribute provides a myriad of environmental benefits and offers an opportunity to tell the story of those that have served in the Armed Forces, reminding future generations of the great debt we owe these courageous Canadians.

The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign is funded by Veterans Affairs Canada, the Government of Ontario, Cullen’s Foods, Landscape Ontario, TD Bank, Intact Public Entities, TreeCanada, Every Tree Counts (a partnership between Toronto Parks, Trees Foundation and the City of Toronto), Harrington & Associates, Rotary District 7070, Maple Leaves Forever, and the Garden Club of Toronto. To learn more, visit www.hohtribute.ca.